Dinner Buffet Options

Luncheon Buffet

 Soup or salad, rolls and butter, Potato or Rice, Vegetable and your choice of one of the following entrees:

  1. Pasta,

  2. Beef Stew,

  3. Chicken and Biscuits

  4. Beef Stroganoff,

$14.95 per person

Basic Dinner Buffet – Includes Soup or Salad, Rolls and Butter, One Entrée, One Pasta, Potato or Rice, Vegetable, One Cold Salad

$16.95 Per Person

Intermediate Dinner Buffet – Includes Soup or Salad, Rolls and Butter, Two Entrees, One Pasta, Potato or Rice, Vegetable, Two Cold Salads

$20.95 Per Person

Top Dinner Buffet - Includes Soup and Salad, Two Entrees, Gourmet Pasta Station, Potato or Rice, Vegetable, Two Cold Salads, Chef Carved Ham, Roast Beef or Turkey Breast

$26.95 Per Person

(add $2.00 Per Person for Prime Rib)

Hickory Smoked Pig Roast – Includes A whole Pig Smoked and Slow Roasted, carved By a Chef, With Cole Slaw, BBQ Baked Beans, Homemade Potato Salad, Rolls and Two Sauces (Bourbon BBQ a Smoky Style BBQ and Sweet Heat a Sweet and Tangy Sauce)

$15.95 per person

Buffets Must Guarantee:

Luncheon Buffet -

At least 25 People

 Dinner Buffet -

At least 35 People

Pig Roast Buffet -

At least 75 People

*Denotes upcharge on certain buffets may apply


Garden Tomato Florentine

Chicken and Wild Rice

Cream of Wild Mushroom, Madera Wine and Brie

Beer and Cheddar with Bacon

French Onion

*Seafood Chowder

Pumpkin Bisque

Manhattan Clam Chowder

New England Clam Chowder

Broccoli and Cheddar

And Many Others

*Denotes upcharge on certain buffets may apply

Potato and Rice

Steamed White Rice

Wild Rice Blend

Seasoned Rice Pilaf

Garlic Smashed Potato

Twice Baked Potato

Potato Au Gratin

German Potato Salad

Salt Potato

Baked Potato with Sour Cream

Oven Roasted Baby Potato with Rosemary and Sage

Oven Roasted Baby Potato with Garlic Butter and Parmesan


California Mixed Vegetable (Cauliflower, Broccoli, Carrots)

Steamed Broccoli

Honey Glazed Baby Carrots

Seasoned Sautéed Squash Medley

Sautéed Baby Carrots and Snow Peas

*Seared Asparagus Spears with lemon zest and Sea Salt

*Baked Acorn Squash with Brown Sugar Butter

Sautéed and Seared Brussels sprouts

Green Beans Almandine

Sautéed Spinach and Red Bell

*Grilled Corn Cobs with Coriander Butter

*Denotes upcharge on certain buffets may apply

Cold Salads

Tomato Basil Red Onion and Cucumber Vinaigrette

*Fresh Fruit Salad

Greek Pasta Salad

Homemade Macaroni Salad

Homemade Potato Salad

Sweet and Sour Pasta Salad

Ambrosia Fruit Salad

Three Bean Salad

South Western Corn and Bean Salad

Watermelon, Red Onion, Mint, feta and Olive Salad

Tossed Garden Salad

Orchard and Vineyard Salad

Caesar Salad

And Many More!


Penne, Cavatappi, Macaroni, Baby Shells,

*Cheese Tortellini, *Cheese Ravioli, *Shrimp Scampi Ravioli


Hearty Marinara, Garlic Basil Pesto, Three-Cheese Alfredo

Marinara with Meat Balls, Marinara with Sweet Sausage

Pesto with Sundried Tomato and Roasted Peppers

Other Pasta Dishes

Baked Stuffed Shells

Vegetable Lasagna

*Meat Lasagna

Gourmet Mac and Cheese with Garlic and Toasted Bread Crumbs

*Gourmet Pasta Station (Any Pasta with Three Sauce Options)

*Denotes upcharge on certain buffets may apply


Chicken French in Lemon White Wine and Parmesan Sauce

Chicken Parmesan in Hearty Marinara Sauce

Chicken Masala in Wine Sauce

Chicken and Biscuits

Oven Roasted Rosemary Chicken

Southern Fried Chicken

Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Kabobs (two per person)

*Veal Saltimbocca

*Veal Parmesan

*Weiner Snitzel (Veal)

Pork Tenderloin Roasted with Caramelized Onion Red Wine Reduction

Beef Stroganoff

Beef London broil in Mushroom and Wine Sauce

Beef Stew with Guinness Gravy

Grilled Beef and Vegetable Kabobs (two per person)

*Pan Seared Salmon Filets with Apricot Ginger Glaze

Broiled Tilapia Filet in Lemon butter and Garlic Wine Sauce

Beer Battered Cod Filets

Crab Stuffed Sole Filets with Béarnaise Sauce

Seafood Newburg

*Steamed Crab Legs - Market Price

*Denotes upcharge on certain buffets may apply


Lake Country Catering will be Happy to Customize a Buffet or Served Dinner Event for your Convenience or Theme.

Please let us know what you are thinking and we will be happy to assist you in your planning!