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Welcome to Lake Country Catering!

We are a professional catering company located in the Finger Lakes of New York State and based out of Geneva, NY.

Our family owned restaurant and business the Beef and Brew opened about 9 years ago as did our catering company, Lake Country Catering. We are delighted to serve the community and to be a staple restaurant in Geneva. We take pride in our businesses, our customers and our growing city!

Our culinary vision, craft and service dates back over 50 years to the previous Beef and Brew restaurant that was once owned and operated by our parents in Canandaigua, NY. We are happy to say that mom still makes our desserts homemade and we still use her nostalgic recipes from our childhood!

Head Chef Michael Colvin has owned, managed and operated restaurants and venues for the past 30 years. His culinary expertise focuses on flavor profile, plating, originality and correct portion size. There is no challenge that he will not take and is always eager to learn the newest food trends and fads in the industry.

If you are interested in a seasoned catering company able to raise the bar for special events, weddings, rehearsal dinners or any event, please reach out to us to inquire today! We have worked at many of the beautiful venues and wineries around the Finger Lakes and are happy to set up a meeting with you!


The Team at Lake Country Catering

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